Ameya Yokocho

On your must-do list in Ueno.

Toho, Nippori

The cheapest meal you’ll have on this side of town.

10 Myths About Japan

Fact or fiction; I’ll be the judge.

Tonkotsu King Keisuke

Make your own ramen, kind of.

Tokyo Street Photography

Tokyo style captured.

The Quest for the Perfect Men’s Yukata

Who’d think its this hard to find a befitting Japanese traditional summer outfit?

Golden Brown, Omotesando

Brilliant burger after a shopping spree

Konbini in Japan

The convenience store culture in Japan.


Your cardiologist worst nightmare.

Grill Burger Club SASA

Just great burgers.

Marukame Seimen

My go-to place for after-drinking suppers.

Restaurant Acacia

English-styled cabbage wrapped meat patty.

Mato Zushi

Probably the best sushi you can afford.

The Original Sapporo Lion Beer Hall

Enjoying today’s beer in a 1930s beer hall.

Curry Meijin, Shintomicho

Little-known curry shop does wonders for my tastebuds.

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