From brilliant apps that help you sell your junk, to a bustling used clothes and brand goods market, Japan has a brilliant used goods market. While not exactly my thing to buy something used, I like to browse occasionally. I’ve been to many great second-hand shops like RAGTAG, but today I had a chance to visit one that interested me a little more.

Kilo shop, as the name might suggest, has an interesting concept when comes to determining prices. They charge by weight, which makes sense. If you go for leather or metal accessories, it will cost more, while things like tees or plastic accessories or scarfs will be cheap. There are weighing machines around that let’s you weigh an item to immediately get the cost. A caveat is that each item has a base ¥600 cost.

While I can’t say that Kilo shop is way better than any other vintage second hand shop, it is slightly better curated with items that I could actually see anyone wearing rather than something that is clearly junk.

Located in the wildly popular STREAMERS COFFEE, Kilo shop is definitely worth a visit.

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