The Thing about Discounts

Are sales inevitably bad for a brand?

Why I Only Wear Black

Limit your options to focus on what matters.

Mobile Payment in Japan

How to lose the wallet completely.

Logan Paul is Not Banned from Japan

Unfortunately, being an ass isn’t a crime.

How to Take JLPT in Japan (Based on 2017)

And how to see your results.

Best Neighborhood to Stay in Tokyo

With pros and cons of each.

Best Way & Tool to Declutter Paper

Tips and tools to zero paper.

Decluttering Books

Only the few.

Decluttering Clothes

Out with the unnecessary.

Getting a Microwave

A lesson in minimalism.

Minimizing Messaging Apps

Drawing the line with LINE.

Better, Cheaper Mobile Plan

Getting more for less.

Shoe Closet Declutter

My mini sanctuary,

Wallet Declutter

Opportunity that comes with a new wallet.

Packing List: Okinawa

My one bag for 10 days.

Decluttering Business Cards

Get rid of it all.

My Everyday Carry

Daily essentials I can’t do without.

The Best Bank For Foreigners in Japan

Don’t even bother with the rest.

My Shinjuku Apartment

Things I have and love.

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